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Extreme Facial Abuse Video Featuring Hazel Allure

Hazel Allure is the type of whore who's fun in small doses. In the beginning, it's cute the way she's throwing her pussy all over the place but after about 15 minutes, you just want her to shut the fuck up and go home... but she doesn't. She lingers around, ever annoying anyone within ear shot. She's also the type of whore who tells you she's wild, crazy and can do anything... but once the "anything" starts, it's all whining and complaining. I can't do this... I can't do that. I despise these types of bitches. Anyway, aside from the constant nagging during the face fucking, we were able to slice together enough to make it worthwhile. She knew she had to step it up during the sex, so we pretty much went all anal. Then, Bootleg broke out drilldo and went berzerker on her butt hole. That'll learn her!

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